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Amethyst and crystal therapy

Silicon Dioxide with inclusions

Crystallization: trigonal system
Family: quartz
Colors: Purple, in all degrees of intensity

Chakra: 6th - Third Eye

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Soul: Amethyst stimulates spiritual awareness and the awareness of reality beyond matter; helps to understand the spiritual motivations that are behind the events; in this sense also helps in the mourning and grief due to the loss of a loved one; promotes intuition and introspective capacity; strengthens the sense of justice, honesty and humility.

Subconscious: it stimulates the revealing dreams of its deep truths; calms the nervous system by depressing hallucinations and delusions, fears and neuroses; mitigates the selfishness and inability to love.

Mental sphere: calms the mind calming chaotic thoughts and thus promotes concentration; away feelings of guilt, inferiority complex and insecurity; makes us aware and sober

Emotions: calm emotions helping clarity and concentration; in the moments of deep sadness, lighten the weight of adverse events.

Body: fights insomnia and nightmares, fostering a truly restorative sleep; relieves pain and tension; in this way calms headaches and migraines, relieves bruises, wounds and swelling; useful in problems of skin, lung and nervous system; mitigates hypertension and stiffness (dark variety); regulates the bacterial flora and the absorption of liquids

Elixir: mild effect; all methods of preparation are applicable.
Bach Flower Remedies: amethyst working in good synergy with the remedy Agrimony; flower and stone can be used simultaneously.

Other Specialties: Families of amethyst (drusen or vugs) are great to balance the energy of the rooms, especially the bedrooms (to enjoy a better quality of rest), and the rooms in which we receive people outside the family. 

Very useful in studies of doctors, lawyers, psychological, etc.., Where people go when they have a problem that afflicts them heavily and lie there like romp; in these areas accumulate heavy frequencies issuing clients / patients and therefore it is necessary to maintain and / or restore a balanced environment and energy load favorable benefit both the professional, both of clients / patients.

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