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What is amethyst and its properties

Amethyst belongs to the family of quartz crystal and gets its color from violet to the presence of traces of iron. It is formed by hydrothermal process from solutions of silicic acid at a low concentration of iron that you collect in the cavities produced by gaseous vapors in volcanic magma or, more rarely, in the crevices of the rock.

The characteristic clusters of crystals on a common matrix are called "drusen".

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Amethyst: element

Water: the water element concerns the sphere of emotions and femininity (love, healing, compassion, reconciliation, peace, sleep, dreams, and sensitivity).

Amethyst: chakra

Sixth chakra Ajna ("Front or Third Eye") and seventh chakra Sahasrara ("Crown")

Effect on the body

The amethyst regulates the bacterial flora in the intestine and reabsorption of fluids, stimulating metabolism and migliorndoa the general fitness level.

Relieves tensions and pains, especially those related to headache, such as headaches and migraines, sores and swellings. It is useful in the treatment of nervous diseases, respiratory tract and skin.

Effect on the psyche

Amethyst is a stone moon (Yin) who awakens in us the feminine aspect of the universe: the higher intuition. It is the door to our supreme inner realization, is the stone to find our true self.

It gives us inner peace, serenity, balance and harmony, eliminates worries, awakens the patience and self-centeredness away. Dissolves fear and helps to deal with most situations conscience. Ideal to overcome moments of sadness and episodes of mild depression, especially related to loss or damage suffered.

It allows you to relax under stress. Calm tensions and states agitativi and is useful for meditation. It gives relief from insomnia, nightmares away and it may make the dreams.

Increase awareness and spiritual sensitivity, and leads us to the higher emotions. Encourages introspection and cleanses the subconscious, creating a deep faith and allows you to see the divine perfection in all things.

 Mode of operation

Amethyst can be downloaded under running water.
To achieve long-lasting effects on the spiritual plane it is advisable to always carry the amethyst with him in close contact with the skin. You can also put it under your pillow or on the bedside table to promote sleep and shed light on the nature of their dreams.

You can distribute Druze or fragments of amethyst in the house to positively influence the mood of those who attend.

With regard to the therapy at a physical level, you can put a crystal for a night in a glass of water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach in the case of disorders of the nervous system or gut or keep it in direct contact with the affected area.

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