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Amethyst effects and properties

Amethyst Stone beneficial. 
Symbol of moderation and humanity, check evil thoughts, sharpens the intellect, develops business sense and makes sober. And Amethys, beautiful nymph, chased by a burning passion of Bacchus, which was saved by Diana and transformed into shining stone

It strengthens the soul of the wearer, helps to defeat fear and phobias, gives a cheerful spirit and a beautiful complexion. Amethyst belongs to the quartz family.  

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The supernatural powers are attributed, is a talisman symbol of luck and strength, protects against bad luck, the nostalgia for the homeland, and drunkenness, as the name indicates (in greek "amuthustein" meant "not drunk").

Arigiò uses it in place of the iolite and seawater, all intense color, simple, elegant and charming.

  • Energy: Receptive 
  • Planet: Jupiter, Nettuna  
  • Element: Water  
  • Divinity: Bacchus, Dionysus, Diana.  
  • Powers: Dreams, anti-alcoholism, or cerebrovascular 'psychic, peace, love, protection against thieves, courage, happiness. 

The amethyst is a purple quartz and is used in magic since ancient times. Today perhaps as popular as two thousand years ago. Placed under the pillow or worn to bed, amethyst casts insomnia and nightmares, it provides a restful sleep and pleasant, refreshing, and even prophetic dreams, without, however, to sleep too. It 's a spiritual stone, with absolutely no adverse effects or associations with violence, anger or passions: amethyst and' a stone of peace.

When the fatigue and stress of everyday life pile up inside of you, take an amethyst in the left hand (or right if you are left handed) and let its soothing and calming vibrations pass within you. Or better yet, bring him an amethyst so that it is in contact with the vostrapelle, and you can avoid the emotional states so excited.

The amethyst is an end to the fears, raises hopes, lifts the spirits and makes us think of reality behind our spiritual lives. Flow on, remove the sense of guilt and self-pity, helps to overcome slavery such as alcoholism, means that is avoided ececssiva indulgence and gives the gift of clear judgment.

Amethyst calms emotional storms and, even in situations of potential danger, can help you. Gives courage to the wearer and is a powerful amulet for travelers, protecting them from thieves, damages, diseases and dangers. In Renaissance magic, the figure of a bear carved nell'ametista was carried as a protective amulet.

At the time of the Greeks and Romans bronze rings with amethyst were taken as antidotes against evil magic and cups of amethyst carved cast out the pain and hurt from all those who drank. For his spirituality, amethyst and' often worn during the contemplation or placed on a simple altar for meditation. A piece of amethyst, placed in front of a white candle or a censer in which incense to burn a calming and intensely fragrant as sandalwood, introduces you to meditation practices.

Bathrooms pre-meditation can be powerful experiences of harmonization. Keep a red candle lit during your bath and circondatela amethyst. The amethyst and is also used to increase mental awareness and keen to make the "sixth sense." 

Some take an amethyst with their tarot cards, the I Ching yarrow stalks or coins or rune stones, to enhance their internal energies and, of course, on their back during the acts of divination or psychic.
Since and also a stone of judgment, it allows the information received from the unconscious to be properly implemented and used.

This magnificent stone also makes it more acute mind, more ready intelligence and increases mental powersUsed to improve memory, to heal headaches and keep your thoughts in line with the aims of life. Stone of the pure feeling of love, amethyst and often exchanged between lovers to give strength to their efforts. Carved heart-shaped and mounted in silver was once offered by women to men as proof of love.

The amethyst and one of the few stones specifically used by men to attract women. Carried by a man, causes the stone to be able "good women" to love him. Although it has often been considered a stone of chastity, it must be remembered that this award given by the previous centuries when the love ideal was "platonic". Today, while a growing number of people consider sex as a natural aspect of a healthy monogamous relationship, that idea is slowly disappearing from people's memory.

The amethyst and used by people involved in the processes and lawsuits to guarantee good law. And is also used in spells for prosperity, and for a long time, and considered a good luck in business, perhaps because influenced by the planet Jupiter. Centuries ago, the amethyst was wet with saliva and rubbed on the face to chase away pimples and wrinkles. Today 'used in spells designed to enhance the beauty.

A magic spell with amethyst: if you feel emotionally upset, if you are planted by a lover, at the end of a relationship, stressed alpunto to have serious mental problems, or any condition of instability, bring outdoors or in a place where you can be alone. Take an amethyst in the left hand (or right if you are left handed). Melt all your feelings and emotions from your body and through the arm, let them go from your hand into the stone.

Feel every pain, every painful emotion, every evil and send them into the stone with all the force of your innate ability magic. When is almost stone to be able to break out of negative energies throw it away with all the strength you can muster. Shout, shout, cast out a shriek and throw away stone to be able. While your hand leaves the amethyst, let along even evil.

Do you know who is in the stone, out of you, and that you and stranger now. Calm down, breathe deeply, meditate for a few moments. Thank the Earth for the help they gave you, then turn around and leave your problems behind you. The Earth assormira negative forces, leaving free the stone, but you do not take more in hand throughout your life.

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